Saturday, May 22, 2010

Finally getting back into a routine from being sick for the past 2 weeks!
Had 1st workout of back/shoulders with 20 min of ss cardio on step mill. Did moderate weight of 8-10 reps of
reverse grip pulldown
low row
platt pull
shoulder press
side lateral
rear delt machine
Yesterday did legs with 4 different forms of squats, step ups, hip flexor and hyper-extensions. Always did this as active rest with various abs bw sets. NO cardio....just a 5 min warm up....didn't pass out last night:) My DD's had a birthday party @ Pump it UP. They were exhausted and passed out from all that activity!!
This morning did 40 min of cardio and plyo at home. DD's started working out with me and then just sat and watch and encourage me on. It was cute....they both put on "their" wo outfits on and said they were going to get a wo in too:)
Ready for a fun rest of the weekend with the Mrs Nebraska pageant. It is so fun to see the beautiful gowns and all the bling!!!
Have a Happy and Healthy Weekend!

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  1. Hi: Deb

    My sister Mary just gave me a copy the Omaha magazine. Wow you look amazing!!! I would love to look like that, I have been lifting some weights, but not enough to look like you. Good Luck in KC contact me when you get back. We just got done with our Reruns R Fun fall fundraiser so life is back to normal.


    Anna Sortino